We Purchase Owner Financed Mortgage Notes

At Off Road Real Estate Ventures, LLC, we are contract buyers and purchasers of privately financed residential mortgage notes, investment property notes (single family, duplex, triplex, fourplex) and notes on mobile homes.  Our contract buyers can purchase your entire note or just a portion of your note for immediate FAST CASH.  For a Quick Quote, complete our Mortgage Note Quote Form and SUBMIT it to our offices.

Selling Options We Provide

If you do not need to sell your entire note and simply need a portion of the note's value in immediate emergency cash, we can:

Unlimited Uses for Your Lump Sum Cash

In today's challenging economy, there are many reasons an investor or note holder may find the need to cash out a portion of or even the entire remaining balance of a note.  These include:

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So, if you have the need for immediate CASH from a privately financed real estate mortgage note, contact us.  Our courteous contract buyers will work closely with you providing the necessary purchase options to insure you receive the FAST CASH you need and deserve.   For our FREE Report on our Partials Option and how it can provide the immediate cash you need...click the "Request Icon" below.